Waking up with CBD

I truly think CBD is a magical oil.

To give you some backstory on my personal relationship with CBD, I started using it about five years ago when I was dealing with multiple concussions. I was having daily migraines, and figured the amount of painkillers I was taking was hard on my body. I needed to find something to kill the pain without the side effects.

Then I found CBD. I went from staying in bed all day every day because of migraines to slowly being able to see the world again. It took the edge of pain off while helping my brain recover. Since then, I’ve been a huge believer. I use it in everything from cooking to my skin and hair routine.

In the mornings, I like to start my day with a smoothie and include CBD oil in it for clarity of mind as well as joint health. The oil I use is from a company called Neurogan. Neurogan is a Scandanavian owned company run in California. I’ve used a lot of different oils in my life and this one stands out as the clear winner. It feels extremely pure and has a nice minty taste.

Here’s my recipe for the smoothie below:

1 banana

1/2 a frozen mango

1 açaí or pitaya packet

1 TBSP hemp seeds

2 tsp chia seeds

1 tsp maca powder

3/4 dropper of Neurogan Hemp Oil (CBD)

1 TBSP local bee pollen (optional)


Combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and garnish with bee pollen. Bon Appetite!


I’d love to hear about how you use CBD. Leave me a comment!