Surfing Kuta Beach, Bali

At 5 AM, four of us met up at a local grocery store in Canggu to begin the drive to Kuta Beach so we could be there to surf sunrise. The first look I got of Kuta was glassy, perfect little peelers. It felt like stumbling upon kelp protected waves in Baja.

Everyone I’ve told about this session who knows Kuta has raised an eyebrow at me for my enthusiasm of the wave. Maybe it was the good crew we had or just good timing, but we scored uncrowded, glassy, little waves with good shape for hours that morning.

With  Oka Kawan

After our surf, we had Bali coffees on the beach in the shade for a few hours. Overall, it was a happy surf. The vibes were high and I’ll be dreaming about Kuta for the next few weeks.

Leave me a comment of your experience surfing Kuta or of any suggestions for fun log waves in Bali!

All shots by Simon Fitz.