Yosemite, California

I am a big believer in if the opportunity is there to take it. One morning I woke up, got slightly annoyed that I'd never been to Yosemite before, checked my work schedule (I had four days before my next shift), grabbed Myles and a few pairs of socks, and hit the road for Yosemite. 

We rolled into Yosemite just in time for sunset and the first thing I saw was Tunnel View. I think I almost crashed my car while trying to drive and watching the scenery in front of me at the same time. Here’s the first photo we ever took together in Yosemite.

yosemite 4.JPG

In the morning, we drove up to glacier point and walked out to the diving board. I've never been one to be scared of heights, but this made my entire body slightly uneasy. It's 3,000 feet up with absolutely nothing to stop you on the way down. In a way, I think I'd actually be more uneasy at 300 feet, because my brain would be able to comprehend it better. 

yosemite 2.JPG

The next day, we were looking for a water source of some kind for a camp shower. We found this little river with a great view and hopped in. We shot this image with an AquaTech water housing. There were tons of people around but somehow we got lucky enough to frame it so it looks like we're fairly alone.

yosemite 3.JPG

It was a short trip, and I’m so grateful we got to go when we did. I’m going to have Yosemite memories in my head for a long time coming.