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Colby Castruita (@colbycaustrita) and myself (@elsaknutson) are working together combining our skills of photography and social media marketing to curate an aesthetic for your brand.

Whether you like happy beach vibes or moody dark forests, each package comes with a consultation (either in person or online) discussing what you’re looking for aesthetically so we are able to customize according to your brand.


3 photos - 1 customized preset - $299

Our most basic package. This gets your feet under you for beginning to cultivate your own feed.


9 photos - 2 customized presets - $799

This package is the middle ground for getting content while staying on budget.


21 photos - 2 customized presets - $1899

This package lays the groundwork to a full media cleanse and reset. This gives you enough content to engage your followers for at least a month. Two presets give your feed consistency while having a little room to play with.

Don’t see what your looking for? We’re able to work with you to set up a package that fits your needs exactly.

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